Juan Painting



Pressure washer a clean surface is essential for good paint
Scraping away loose paint
Repair any surface flaws with a surface repair compounds rated for exterior

Remove old caulking
Re caulking  repairs and putty windows
Primer bare wood and any area repairs have made any wood damage for place
Painting with finishing paint

We offering professional drywall installation top quality finishing and
repairs reasonable prices new construction a basement in unfinished
Or existing home or building
We can tears off old plaster or drywall skim coat water damage  texture on
the ceiling help you get you wall perfect

Drywall tends to become damaged over time simply from living home
We repair all types of drywall if you need a touch up major restoration
or new coat on your wall and need remove existing textured end you ceiling
we, can do that Wallpapers removed can be tricky and complicated process
we painter can give you juan painting guarantee that wall are skimming coat smooth make  ready to paint.
Interior home we can transform your home business office with our
interior painting we are the best painter know how to make the jobs and
finish it right